Pour faciliter la coopération et les échanges avec les partenaires, la langue de travail de RENFORESAP est l’anglais avec les principaux documents disponibles en 4 langues (portugais, néerlandais, anglais, français). La suite des pages web du projet sera donc en anglais.

To facilitate cooperation and exchanges with partners, the working language of RENFORESAP is English with the main documents available in 4 languages ​​(Portuguese, Dutch, English, French). The rest of the web pages of the project will therefore be in English.

The partners of RENFORESAP are greeted by Joseph Harmon, Minister of State of Guyana © PAG
Strengthening the network of protected areas in the Guiana Shield and their contributions to sustainable development in respect of local cultures, values and lifestyles.

The project RENFORESAP (*Renforcer le réseau des aires protégées du plateau des Guyanes) aims at strengthening the resilience of the forest and the livelihoods of the local populations in a context of increasing impacts of global change on the Guiana Shield ecosystems while its overall objective is to reinforce the capacity of protected or conservation area management in order to meet the common challenges they face.

The project runs for three years (2018-2020), bringing together the different managers of protected areas in the region. It is carried by the Parc amazonien de Guyane (French Guiana), the Protected Areas Commission (Guyana) and the Ministry of Regional Development and Sport and the Ministry of Land Policy and Forest Management (Suriname). It also benefits from the support of international organisations of nature conservation working in the region (such as Conservation International, World Wildlife Fund, Frankfurt Zoological Society…) and one international organization working on indigenous people's livelihoods improvement coupled with conservation (Amazon Conservation Team).

The outcomes of the project include :

  • a better visibility of biodiversity conservation issues of the Guiana Shield at global level
  • a strengthened contribution of protected areas to local and sustainable development and to biodiversity conservation
  • a better exchange on the challenges and solutions to the problems faced by the Amerindian and Maroon communities in the region
  • an improved dialogue between the countries of the Guyana shield on the medium and long term issues of conservation and eco-development of the Guiana Shield ecosystems in the wider Amazon basin

The proposed project will build on/ be aligned with, existing national, regional and international priorities and commitments.

Specific objectives

The specific objectives of this project are :

  • strengthening dialogue between protected areas managers and teams
  • capitalisation of the best experiences

Specific actions

The specific actions to achieve these specific objectives are :

  • the organisation of 3 regional workshops bringing together the managers of protected areas
  • the production of 4 participatory thematic overviews on how best to support local development in isolated areas, (ecotourism development, participatory science for the sustainable management of natural resources in the Amazonian environment, strategies against the threats from illegal gold mining, and transmission of living cultural heritage including a special focus on ABS approach); these are expected as technical tools addressing the specific needs of protected areas in the region.

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