Regional workshops

During this 3-year action, RENFORESAP will try to achieve these objectives :
  • the organisation of 3 regional workshops bringing together the managers of protected areas
  • the production of 4 participatory thematic overviews on how best to support local development in isolated areas in terms of
    - ecotourism development,
    - participatory science for the sustainable management of natural resources in the Amazonian environment,
    - control strategies against the threats from illegal gold mining,
    - transmission of traditional knowledge and cultural heritage including a special focus on ABS approach.

These are expected as technical tools addressing the specific needs of protected areas in the region.

A brainstorming session was organised on the second day of RENFORESAP’s launch to see how the project can address these 4 thematic areas. The guidelines of the working sessions were as follows :

  • What are the expectations/ questions for each thematic ?
  • Who are the key stakeholders to be involved ?
  • How do we get in touch with them ?
  • What are the current challenges, opportunities and potentials of each thematic ?