One of the objectives of RENFORESAP is to link the protected areas teams and managers and to promote technical exchanges between the Guianas. This directory is a good tool for this purpose and will be updated regularly during regional meetings.

RENFORESAP's launch : October 1st – 3rd, 2018

Subregional Meeting of the Guianas

Sub-regional meeting : towards the strenghtening of the Redparques Amazon vision

Training session on Governance of Protected areas

Seminar on Governance in Protected Areas: Potential due to their Practical and Conceptual Contribution in Latin America and the Caribbean : 5-7 March 2019

1st regional workshop RENFORESAP : 14th - 17th of may 2019

Transmission of living cultural heritage in the protected areas of the Guianas : 14th -17th of May 2019

RENFORESAP side event : August 6th, 2019 Florencia

Participatory sciences for the sustainable management of natural resources in the Protected Areas of the Guiana Shield

2nd regional workshop RENFORESAP : Bigi Pan, Niew Nickerie Suriname 18th - 22th of november 2019

Ecotourism development in the Protected areas of the Guianas

3rd regional workshop RENFORESAP : Cayenne - Régina 12th - 14th of february 2020

Strategies against the threats from illegal goldmining in the protected areas of the Guianas.