Training course on methods of governance in protected areas of South America

Coopération régionale
A training session took place in March 2019 in Suriname, arising from a joint initiative of the IAPA and RENFORESAP projects. In total, 22 participants from Guyana, Suriname and Guiana attended this training that was dispensed by 2 training leaders from the University for International Cooperation and from the Costa Rica Latin College for Protected Areas.

The objective of this training process was to contribute to progressing towards good governance in the protected areas of Guyana, French Guiana and Suriname, working as a space for reflecting upon and understanding a series of theoretical and conceptual aspects of this vision of good governance.

It was a theoretical and instrumental course geared towards analysing and applying tools and methods to understand better the issues of governance in protected areas. Participatory methodologies were used in the course, with simulated forums, dynamic discussions and debates accompanied by printed posters. The course introduced principles and elements of good governance, governance models and other theoretical aspects, generating spaces for participants to reflect and receive feedback. The goal was for fellow workers who participated in the course to also reach a critical vision that would allow them to analyse, evaluate and contribute to improving governance in the areas close to those in which they develop their professional activities.

The conclusions of the 3 countries converge towards the same statements which are the need to have a common vision between governance and management of a protected area and the requirements for a real improvement in internal communication (management) and the communication towards the communities that live in and around the protected areas.