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Parc amazonien de Guyane

The French Guiana Amazonian Park, created in 2007, covers 3.4 million hectares in Central and Southern French Guiana of intact moist tropical forest in the wider Amazon basin and Guyana Shield. It is made up of a core zone (regulated area dedicated to environmental protection) of 2 million hectares and a buffer zone (local development adapted to and respectful of local livelihoods) of 1.4 million ha.

The French Guiana Amazonian Park is home to five municipalities (elected local authorities) and more than 20 000 inhabitants in its buffer zone: Amerindian communities (Wayana, Wayãpi, Teko), Maroon (Aluku) and Creoles. It is adjacent to the Brazilian National park of the Tumukumak mount.

Activities of the French Guiana Amazonian Park are framed by a “charter”, or “territorial contract”, a document validated in 2013 by all relevant local and national stakeholders, approved at national level, and then formally adopted by local authorities (2014-2024).
The document focuses on two main objectives : local and adapted sustainable development in the buffer zone, and knowledge, conservation and promotion of the natural cultural heritage in both the buffer and core zones.

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Protected Areas Commission

The Protected Areas Act of 2011 established the Protected Areas Commission (PAC) and the National Protected Areas System (NPAS). The Protected Areas Act also repealed much of the National Parks Commission (NPC) Act, and brought the NPC and urban parks, such as the Zoo and Botanical Gardens, under the umbrella of the PAC. The PAC is a body corporate responsible for establishing, managing, maintaining, promoting and expanding the National Protected Areas System in Guyana.

The PAC’s mandate includes monitoring and regulating activities and the use of resources within protected areas; preparing, developing and effectively implementing management plans; providing support and advice to Amerindian Villages associated with Protected Areas; and promoting public involvement in these processes.

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Ministry of Regional Development and Sport

The Ministry of Regional Development and Sport consists of 4 Directorates (Regional Development, Agricultural Development of the Interior, Sustainable Development of Indigenous people and Sustainable Development of Afro-Surinamese in the Interior) and 12 sub directorates.

For the Ministry of Regional Development and Sport the special tasks are described as follows :

  • Regional governance ;
  • Relations between regional and central government ;
  • An integrated government action, aimed at regional development and improvement of the residential and living environment of the residents in the districts and the reconstruction of the interior ;
  • A coherent policy aimed at cooperation between the districts to promote common interests; the development of administrative procedures for further policy development with respect to public participation in decision-making at the level of districts and districts; Maintaining central government relations with the dignitaries and residents of the interior ;
  • The supervision of the management of the State-owned buildings ;
  • The waste collection and cleaning services throughout Suriname, with the exception of the Paramaribo district ;
  • All secondary and tertiary facilities throughout Suriname with the exception of the Paramaribo district ;
  • The markets throughout Suriname; Supporting agricultural development in the interior.
  • This ministry is also charged with the care for all subjects directly or indirectly related to the matters referred to in the previous paragraph, insofar as not specifically assigned to another ministry.

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Ministry of Land Policy and Forest Management

Under construction. More informations here

Other partners

RENFORESAP is in continuum with other regional initiatives like the Guiana Shield Facility (GSF), the Integration of Amazon Protected Area (IAPA), the Latin American Technical Cooperation Network on National Parks, other Protected Areas and Wildlife (Redparques), etc… The project also aims at gathering international organisations of nature conservation working in the region as well such as, but not limited to, Conservation International (CI), Amazon Conservation Team (ACT), World Wildlife Fund Guianas (WWF Guianas), Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZS)

The funders

RENFORESAP is 74% funded by the Interreg Amazon Cooperation Programme (IACP) which is involved in the integrated development of French Guiana and its neighbouring Guiana Shield territories – Suriname, Guyana, Amapá, Pará and Amazonas.

The other funding are from :