Parc amazonien de Guyane
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Participatory science for the sustainable management of natural resources

This RENFORESAP thematic will address different issues such as :

Sharing of experiences
  • Which projects are currently going on in each country (figures…) ?
  • What kind of approaches to grant access to natural resources ?
  • Highlight the « good practices » in each country.


Meaningful engagement of the communities in science and in management
  • Which tools/tips are effective to involve communities (language gaps, educational projects) ?
  • Identify the public/participants (urban communities, remote traditional communities).
  • Propose a tool to dynamically share the feed-backs on the tools.
  • How do we get the scientists involved ?


What are the impacts of these programs?
  • Define indicators of success.
Malacologists work presentation to the children of the Saul school as part of the ABC program © Quentin Zinzius